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Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch

Thanks to Mockymonkey, aka Anna, for emailing us about the awesome Battlestar Galactica cross stitch she made to console herself and her other half when the series ended.


This is simply stuffed with references to the show, which Mockymonkey explained for us: “Hidden within the alphabet are words and phrases familiar to BSG geeks. The patterns round the edge also correspond with things from the series. Down the sides are Cylon Basestars and Starbuck Mandalas. The top and bottom rows have infinity symbols and stars to represent space, and the central icons are Viper spacecraft as seen on DRADIS, the Battlestar’s radar system. The little dots at the top and bottom represent a drawing by Hera and some music from the final episode.”

Wow! Well done, Anna! Make sure to check out her flickr photostream to see more.

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