Stitchgasm! – Mrs.Nit Stitches’ Knitting Squirrel

Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch!Only the souless and cold hearted could scroll past this pudgy little knitting squirrel by Mrs.Nit Stitches without stopping!  The original illustration comes from artist Dabin Choi, and Mrs. Nit Stitches has done a wonderful job translating it to stitch!

Knitting Squirrel by Mrs.Nit Stitches
Knitting Squirrel by Mrs.Nit Stitches

That little face with a look of such concentration! Not to mention those beautiful seed stitches!  To see more of Mrs.Nit’s Stitches, visit her blog!


Leigh Bowser is a BA (Hons) Textile Craft graduate and free hand machine embroiderer, specialising in portraiture of both pets and people! See her work at!