Stitchgasm – Natasha’s Epic Depeche Mode Cross Stitch

Natasha's Depeche Mode Cross Stitch
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Sometimes a person produces a piece of work that is quite astonishing. Natasha Selezneva’s homage to Depeche Mode is one of those examples and I contacted Natasha to find out more about this epic piece of work.

Natasha's Depeche Mode Cross Stitch

It all started when I was obsessed with Depeche Mode (adult understanding of lyrics and appreciation of their music came to me a bit later – in fact, during the process:)
I was always pretty good at cross stitching, I can complete a standard picture, like those you get from a craft shop, during one day. So, I though I should pay homage to my favourite band. I picked the warmest and the most hilarious photo of those I had on my computer (the Internet access in my town back then was a luxury, so I used to trade my help with homework for a classmate for a couple of pictures or a lyric sheet from the Internet :), plus I wanted to work with a bunch of different and bright colours – not just black and white (which later DM photos are known for)…

Natasha's Depeche Mode Cross Stitch (close ups)

I saw some embroidered portraits before, and there is only one thing that can ruin them – a lack of detail. To avoid that, I decided to assign every stitch to a pixel of a picture. And I limited the amount of colours to 45. I checked out my schemes, did some calculations and realised that it was going to be at least 1m wide piece of canvas. It didn’t scare me at all. I wanted to get proper portraits, and if that’s what it takes… Plus, I love cross stitching – so the amount of work never scared me. it scared my mom though 🙂 Imagine all the hours of sitting! haha; and it left speechless the owner of the local craft shop when I came to her to get the first batch of supplies…

Natasha's Depeche Mode Cross Stitch (detail)


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I used three lines of thread (DMC), the standard two looked a bit too transparent for me, I didn’t want the canvas to bee seen in the gaps. People were telling me that I will never finish – but I bloody well did! 🙂
I’ve send an application to The Guinness World Records, trying to apply for the ‘Largest Embroidery done by a single person’. I know for sure that it’s not the largest (see here:, but I would like to know my place among the others 🙂 I headlined a local newspaper with my work, that was fun and I want more, haha. My quest is to get Depeche Mode to see it. I’m working on it!

Natasha's Depeche Mode Cross Stitch (Dave Gahan detail)


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