Stitchgasm – Nico71’s Mechanical Lego Loom

Anyone who knows me knows I like a bit of Lego. So it was nice when my life did a little Lego/X Stitch overlap with this discovery of this amazing Lego mechanical loom by Nico71.

The finished mechanical loom, designed for Fana’briques 2012 exhibition which took place the 29th, 30th June 2012.



“After the first attempt to build a mechanical loom, I decided to continue to develop the loom and figure out the problem. Reminder of the problem : sometime, the shuttle doesn’t pass through the threads, induce a blocking of the system. Thus, I have decided to change the system of launched shuttle for a system of pushed shuttle.

“The system is very simple, a lever rotates on the primary shaft and makes contact with a cam one time per revolution. When this cam is pushed, it pulls on a rod which operates the main pushed system (green beam). This device allows the system to push the shuttle during the overall crossing through the threads. Even if the slider is a bit smaller, the reed is a bit wrong placed or the threads are a bit not enough tight, the shuttle is forced to pass through. Thanks to that, the system is always in contact with the shuttle, resulting in a significantly increasing of reliability.


“After two days of weaving, 70 meters of thread, the result is a 8cm*40cm fabric, not enough for a sock.”

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