Stitchgasm! – Phat Quarter, Five-themed Swap

Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch!

The Phat Quarter group is a rocking little joint.

We’re home of the Mr X Stitch community on flickr. We know how to throw a wildly successful and rewarding artists’ swaps. Jamie “Mr X” Chalmers himself refers to them as “legendary.” He will not get an argument from me.

The Phat Quarter Swaps are tied to the Fifth Friday Festivals of Fabulousnesses that occur each month containing five Fridays. In August 2013, the Mr X Stitch website celebrated five years as the coolest, most edge-pushing home of contemporary needlework. To recognize that awesome accomplishment, our Phat Quarter Swap theme was the number five.

And the Phat Quarter artists played with fives and bent that theme to their creative will. Check out the amazing work here.

Full Fathom Five, by Cherry and Cinnamon

Full Fathom-side view

Foxy Lady Playing Five Notes by Sister Twisty

Foxy lady playing five notes

Five Birds by Hugs are Fun

Phat Quarter Swap - "Five"

Phat Quarter Swap - "Five"

Five by Five by Disobedient Child

Five by Five

Honeycomb Five by CocoaEyes (yours truly)

Honeycomb Five, 2013

Season Five by lizziebabe

Phat Quarter 2013 Theme FIVE

Starfish by xsilverdaisyx


Five by katherosthepure

Phat quarter swap '5'

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Oh hai Kitten!

Phat quarter swap '5'

Phat quarter swap '5'

Phat quarter swap '5'

Phat quarter swap '5'

Pentagon Tiling by Jessica Kelly

Five Swap: pentagon tiling

Five Naughty Words by lockedinthepark

5 naughy words by lockedinthepark

And last but CERTAINLY NOT least, Diva Plavalaguna by Sewphie T


Damn, we have some talented stitchers, don’t we?! Multiple mediums, quantity AND quality, irreverent humor, masterful needlework… we have it all in Phat Quarter Swaps!

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