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Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch

It’s the 40th anniversary of Woodstock today, and the Plush Team – a group of very talented etsy sellers that specialize in – what else? – plushies! – had a crafty challenge among themselves in its honor. Here’s a couple of my favorite Plushstock challenge entries:

the lovers by PterodactylPants

This muddy but happy couple, The Lovers, was created by PterodactylPants, aka Jessie Mansbacher. I love the little snap fasteners that connect them. 🙂 Check out more of her work at her website or her etsy store.

Janis Joplin by Jefita

This is Janis the Joplin, created by jefita, aka Amy Goodman. This really captures the subject and has some amazing details. You can see more of Amy’s work at her website or her etsy store.

jimi by siansburys

Sian Hughes is known for her amazing sock monkeys, some of which are based on celebrities. Her entry in the challenge is this sock monkey version of Jimi Hendrix. The guitar. The hair. The outfit. Incredible! See more of Sian’s work at her blog or her etsy store.

Be sure to check out the Plush Team website to see what all of their talented members are doing – and make it a groovy day!

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