Stitchgasm! – Rachel McKay’s Keyboard Cat

Another Stitchgasm from Mr X StitchHere at Mr X Stitch we take care and precision with our blog posting, using focus groups and massive amounts of market research to ensure we get the right contrast between the two posts on any given day. So it is with confidence that I can say we’ve never done back to back posts from the same person on the site before.

But Rachel McKay is special.

She’s been a friend of the Mr X Stitch family since back when we weren’t a family. She liked us before we liked us. And she’s been rocking the stitchery for longer than we have.

She’s also extremely close to being a qualified cosmetologist and we celebrate her successes so far with this double posting bonanza today. You’ve seen how rude she can be with this post. Here’s proof of how cutting edge she can be with a stitchery devoted to everyone’s favourite expired feline musician – Keyboard Cat.

Rachel McKay's Keyboard Cat

If you don’t know Keyboard Cat, that’s fair enough. Here’s a crash course:

Watch this, then this, and you’ll get the picture.

So congrats to Rachel for becoming a cosmetologist (because let’s face it, it’s in the (makeup) bag), and for being our first back-to-back superstar on Mr X Stitch, and for being awesome! We love you Rach!

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