Stitchgasm – Soraya’s Love Fruit

Soraya Abidis' Love Fruit - Soft Sculpture
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It's another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch - the home of contemporary embroidery
Thanks to Soraya Adibin for sharing this great piece of soft sculpture with us.

Soraya Abidis' Love Fruit - Soft Sculpture

“Love Fruit is a soft sculpture created from a series of panels that are hand embroidered with gold metal threads and French wool. The piece was a spontaneous idea, created from self-taught Pattern making and Embroidery skills.

Soraya Abidis' Love Fruit - Soft Sculpture

“The idea for the artwork was to create something mystical with an auspicious surrealist feeling. I later discovered a Druid myth for Lovers and loved thinking of it in that way.
Lovers would put two acorns into a bowl of water. If the acorns floated together, their love would be true forever, but if the acorn separated and sunk to the bottom, this was an ominous sign that their love would not last.”

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It’s lovely work – the hand embroidery provides texture and gives the piece a really organic feel.

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