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Two years ago, Studio MME launched a new line of embroidery patterns and kits that let people sew some rather silly things.

Studio MME - Foxes Sewn Embroidery Kit

Dreaming foxes, love whales, and antlered girls just waited to be stitched up using the simple running stitch.  Now she’s revamped her kits, making them easier than ever to start up since the pattern is now printed directly onto the provided fabric.

These kits make wonderful gifts for beginners (and all those friends you’ve been itching to turn into embroidery fans) but they’re a lot of fun for skilled embroiderers as well.  Above all, Studio MME wants you to smile as you sew a new story.

Studio MME - Jackalope in hoop

You can also find one of her exclusive kits right now on Modcloth.


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