Stitchgasm! – Super Ninon

Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch

This picture calls to me. It’s telling me something. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear it, too.


It’s that I want these plushies. I want every last ONE of them.

Super Ninon is responsible for this heavenly hillock. Check out her flickr photostream, blog, or etsy store to see more!

Mr X
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Mr X

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Mr X
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5 thoughts on “Stitchgasm! – Super Ninon

  • What a lovely plush family!

  • amazing collection – I want them all too!

  • I think these guys are cool. They’re pretty cute, and I get a bit twitchy around cute things, but I kinda like this bunch.
    (Let’s pretend I didn’t say that!) 🙂

  • I just stumbled on your blog this morning, and I can tell I’m not going to get any work done for a while! One of the most truly inspiring blogs I’ve come across ~ thanks!

    • Aw, thanks Dani!
      We do what we can.
      But we’ll accept no responsibility if you get told off for hanging out with us too much! 🙂

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