Stitchgasm! – thebluepixie’s regeneration map

When I discovered thebluepixie’s regeneration map on Flickr I was intrigued about the backstory, so I contacted her to find out more:

I’ve liked the design aspects of word clouds since I first saw them used. Kicks a spider-diagram’s ass any day. But I’ve mainly seen them used as a kind of quick visual reference to a text’s main points or as a kind of diagramatic contents page, not seen one used in an art context. However loosely this may be an art context I fancied trying it out. I was finishing a masters degree in politics and basically in need of something crafty to do on the train and as a break around the seemingly endless research/thinking/writing of my thesis (on English regional governance). The word cloud thing had been kicking around in the back of my head for a while and designing the pattern wouldn’t be too time consuming so I figured why not?

The words were pulled from my research notes, I played around with the wordle thing online to find a font and basic format; then tweaked it by hand by moving stuff around, took some crap words out, decided colour scheme etc. Not always that well edited, spot the word that’s on twice. I’d never hand embroidered words before but hoped if a few came out wonky they’d get lost in the crowd.

I think it’s a great piece of work – I wonder what other wordle works are out there?

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  • That is the shiz. I saw this on Flickr too. We use word clouds at work all the time, and it never occurred to me to embroider one. It gave me new ideas about how to blend all my worlds together!!

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