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Nuido It Yourself - Japanese Embroidery with Madeline Scharpf


Happy Easter, my stitchers! I’d love to give you all heaps of sweets but alas, the internet hasn’t developed a way to deliver chocolate digitally so instead, here’s some candy for your eyes.




By: totalitat


Creema is basically an Etsy in Japan. I’m using ‘Etsy’ as a catch-all term for a website where one can buy handcrafted items.






Unfortunately, unless your Japanese language skills are superior to mine, you won’t be able to purchase any items from Creema. The up-side is, you can peruse without the fear of an impulse buy!


By: sumiresora
By: sumiresora


The categories on the left of the page are in Japanese but that shouldn’t stop you from giving them a click and seeing what comes up.








Patches by: ricamo


By: honobono



This translation gem on a needle felting kit is slaying me. LOL!




If you would like to check out Creema, click any of the links or type it yourself like this: www.creema.jp

Last month I offered a free copy of Yumiko Higuchi’s English translation, ‘Simply Stitched’ to one of our amazing readers. It’s been brought to my attention that my comment section wasn’t cooperating. I apologize to everyone who tried to enter but could not. Despite the trouble, I had several dedicated souls who went the extra mile to enter by contacting me personally, also via our social network Weave, and on our Facebook. A winner has been chosen! Congratulations!


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Madeline spends her time somewhere around the Pacific Ocean attached to a needle & thread while practicing Japanese. You can keep up with Madeline’s endless fiber projects at www.madelinewonderland.com

Madeline Scharpf

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