Rainbow Dash Quilt by ~jysalia on deviantART

Cute! —–

Chimera CrossStitch by Mythtail
Stitchgasm – Mythtail’s Chimera

I don’t know what it is about medieval illustration and embroidery, but it’s damn cool.…

The Beatles Cross Stitch by behindthesofa
Stitchgasm – The Beatles

I love this, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s cross stitch, yeah, yeah, yeah, and with a…

Stygian Zinogre Plush by Forge Your Fantasy
Stitchgasm – Stygian Zinogre Plush

Over on deviantArt, Forge Your Fantasy is making some wicked plush versions of video game icons.…

String Of Thought by Maddie Dowling
Stitchgasm – String of Thought

Another great piece of stitching on old pictures, this time from Maddie Dowling on deviantArt.…