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Pottermouth's Machine Embroidered Hagrid's Hut
Craftster Pick of the Month – Hagrid’s Hut

Over on Craftster, Pottermouth took some of the original concept art for Hagrid’s Hut and reproduced it with some tasty free machine embroidery! Harry Potter crafting at it’s best! Check it out at Mr X Stitch!

Lord Libidan’s Look Out – June ’18

There are always surprises to come out of instagram, and this month was no different.…

Watarigarasu's Slytherin Emblem
Stitchgasm – Watarigarasu’s Slytherin Emblem

If you’re going to do some beadwork, why not show your gang colours? Watarigarasu did.  

Deviant Discoveries – Watarigarasu

Here is something a bit different from me this week! How fabulous is this beaded…

Katrina's Happy Potter Sampler
Stitchgasm – Katrina’s Epic Harry Potter Sampler

Thanks to Katrina for letting us know about her epic Harry Potter sampler. Based on…