The Ailist – Issue Thirteen

Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!

So, having just come from The Spring Knitting and Stitching show last month, I thought you all might like to get a bit of inside info as to what it is like to have a gallery there…..Here is my very own step my step, image led guide 😉

First, you angst for months as to how to pack your work…
You then watch as a van drives away, with you hoping it doesn’t get lost along the way.
You then set it all up…thanking every box you open that you haven’t forgotten anything massive.
Woo! All set up….the relaxing stage, at this point as long as you smile and talk your face off, you’ve won!
Mr X Stitch and I on his visit…as you can tell I had had a few sleepless nights before open day. Lets not try to caption this photo.
The best thing about being stuck behind a desk is….the audience watching (spying). All those wonderful quirky outfits all come out to play….
By the last day you basically feel as spaced out as one of my sculptures.

Then suddenly its over!

But hey, there is what it is like to have an exhibition in just a couple of images, but you get the point.  It was an awesome experience, although don’t expect to see much outside of your own box!

Till next time everyone…..

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