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May Maker

So, the whole ‘March meet the maker’ thing has been a thing for years…however to be honest I just don’t have time ( I know I should) to Instagram  everything I do.  So, this months column is a bit of a late catch up on my part.  Considering the whole of society is now seriously reconsidering their priorities, I think it will be a given that the items once seen as treats, will now be seen as impossible to buy….in other words, the designer makers out there may suffer post-virus.  So I felt that a boost was in order – so people, when you get any spare pennies….spend it on the real makers out there, not the mass produced!  (end of rant).

One of the lessons I have learned over the last decade, is that IMAGES ARE EVERYTHING.  I thought I could get over this, somehow avoid the cost of an Professional Photographer.  However after years of trying and getting so much feedback along the lines of ‘we love your work, we love your writing but……we need more pixels’…I caved.

After a kind gift from my uncle who lives in Paris (I know, I know….if only I could visit more) this happened….

The Photoshoot highlights….

may maker
Imagery of myself – helpful for the whole ‘meet the maker’ idea on my website etc.
Sketchbooks and other inspirational material laid out – showcasing where my finished pieces have sprung from.
This type of shot was required in order to sell my Printed Textiles ranges, which I have developed from my original designs in the sketchbooks mentioned.
From sketch to stitch to digital design…laid out work showing it all at once.

What I am getting at

This was a major lesson for me – a shoot might cost at the time, but I would recommend it to anyone who can – it will make you money in the long run – unless you have an awesome house with white walls, loads of room and an extremely good camera….in which case I envy you!

This was all shot at The Biscuit Factory; a large art gallery in the North east of England.  So a big thanks to them for letting me have the space for a shoot!

To give you one example of why it is worth the money; having been turned down by Handmade in Britain last year (to have a shop on their website) I was accepted and now this week have opened my shop….

Handmade in Britain – Ailish H

Check it out using the link above if you can.

If you want a good photographer…. Sean Elliot is the guy I used.

So there you go…a lesson learned from a march…nope…may maker 😉

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