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Here at Mr X Stitch, we’re kinda choosy about the people that we hang out with. Only the coolest of cool craft cats get to share our limelight.

However, one of our favourite crafting sites on the interwebs is the Anticraft. Zabet Stewart, the editor, compiles a quarterly craftzine aimed at all you geeks, weirdos, goths, punks and pagans out there. And, to paraphrase hugely, it is awesome.

Zabet got in touch with us, via our top secret coolest of cool craft cat comms network , and asked me to share the following information with you guys:


The AntiCraft Lughnasadh 2009 Issue

All right craft bitches and bastards, it’s time to bring out those tiny, pointy silver needles and the 1400 colors of floss you’ve got stashed.  The Lughnasadh ’09 issue is all embroidery, all the time.  What shocking thing have you been dying to see in delicate, beautiful stitches?  All stitching techniques welcome!

Not into embroidery but are handy with a sewing machine?  Simple sewing projects are welcome as well, so that the overachievers can make their own objects on which to lay thread.

Deadline is June 1, 2009, and remember to check out the Submission Guidelines at

The AntiCraft Lughnasadh 2009 Issue

We were so impressed with the submissions we received for the Knitted/Crocheted Earflapped and Bobbled Vlad the Impaler Hat contest last year that we wanted to give y’all another chance to shine. Seeing as how no one is currently impugning our collective craft honor and dropping a perfect theme in our lap, we decided to juice up our brain-hamsters to come up with a suitable theme. Drumroll, please!


Interpret that however you like. No really… there were some drugs involved and we really can’t be held responsible for any sane explanation of the theme.

So then!

1. Come up with some kind of embroidery project centering on the theme of Luchador Boudoir.

2. Send your entry to Be sure to do the following things. Entries not meeting these conditions will be disregarded. (If you need to send multiple emails to get in all your photos, that’s fine, we’ll go by the timestamp on your first email.)
* Put “Luchador Boudoir entry” in the subject line.
* Send photos of the front and back of your project.  (More is better.)
* Write instructions following the Submission Guidelines (

3. Your email must be timestamped in our mailbox by 11:59pm on May 20, 2009. Winners will be notified by email around June 1. (Winners will also keep it to themselves until the issue publishes in the first week of July.) Entries not meeting these conditions will be disregarded; winners who can’t keep a secret will forfeit their prize.

4. PRIZES! We have a bunch of craft books piling up at The AntiCraft HQ. When a winner has been chosen we’ll send them a list of available titles and they can pick 5. We’ll package them specially in a project bag and throw in some other goodies, too.


I know there’s not much notice for some of these things, but I also know that the readership of Mr X Stitch are capable of bending time and space as well as needles and threads, so I’m sure you’ll be okay.

So get to it! Do us proud! 🙂

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