The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Nike Schroeder Part Three!

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

For the month of June, the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge is sharing the work of LA-based Nike Schroeder.

Nike Schroeder embroidery - Shortstop

This week we are featuring the first four works in Nike’s Shortstop series: “I transformed small photobooth snapshot pictures into lifesized stitched artwork.

Nike Schroeder embroidery - Shortstop

“The inherited immediacy in the actual photo is counterpictured by the elaborate detail and work that went into the picture displayed. It presents itself as a great challenge to not be able to edit the images or make a selection, but taking the strip as is.

Nike Schroeder embroidery - Shortstop

These photos were taken 2010 in Los Angeles in a bar called the short stop and is still a present piece of work. I have collected new strips and the plan is to also stitch them.”

Nike Schroeder embroidery - Shortstop

Using needle and thread, Nike takes time to capture snapshots of unplanned behaviour. The tension between the length of production and the immediacy of the content is apparent in Nike’s description of her deliberate non-editing of these pieces. With a process like this there is a constant opportunity to modify the content and it takes some discipline to resist it; Nike honours spontaneity as best one can with embroidery.

Nike Schroeder embroidery - Shortstop

You can find out more about Nike on her website, but be sure to check back here next week for more of her terrific work!


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