The Excellent Exploits of Mr X Stitch – Clothes Show Live 2011!


Hello, Mr X Stitch here. I thought I’d tell you about my recent Xploits.  It is a life less ordinary.

I was invited by the fine folks at Mollie Makes and Cross Stitcher magazine to join them at Clothes Show Live to teach cross stitch.

A crisp day at the Birmingham NEC

It was a crisp day in November when I headed to the Birmingham NEC and dived into the Sknitch Zone. For those of you who don’t know, the Clothes Show was a fashion TV show in the UK that was hugely popular. Clothes Show Live is the spin-off event and is packed with all manners of fashion and beauty stands. As someone who is neither fashionable nor beautiful, I found the whole thing quite bewildering!

It was pretty busy at Clothes Show Live

At the Cross Stitcher stand, our mission was to encourage people to try cross stitch for the first time. Armed with a range of patterns and a whole heap of threads (thanks Coats!) we did our best to entice people to stitch with us. We had some success – over the two days I was there, I thought about 40 people how to start, stop and what to do in the middle.

Cross Stitch workshops at Clothes Show Live

It was great to find the Tatty Devine stall where they were using laser cutting technology to create bespoke perspex necklaces for people. So cool! They even made me this awesome Mr X Stitch medallion, which I love a lot.

My awesome Mr X Stitch medallion from Tatty Devine

There were a few UK celebrities there, and while I recognised some of them, it was clear that I’m not as down with the kids as I thought I might be. I wouldn’t know a star from The Only Way is Essex if they ran up and bit me, but apparently they were there. One person I did recognise is craft designer, author and teacher Charlotte Liddle and it was great to have a natter with her for a while.

Mr X Stitch and Charlotte Liddle at Clothes Show Live

One of my high spots was teaching Big Pete to cross stitch. He was from Wolverhampton and took to cross stitching like a duck to water. Such a dude. 🙂

Mr X Stitch and new manbroiderer Pete at Clothes Show Live

It was a fun couple of days. The crew from Mollie Makes were great and if you’re in the UK, you’re reading this and you’ve not had a look at Mollie Makes yet, you should go and do so now! I’ll be hanging out with them again at the Stitch & Craft Show in Olympia next March, so be sure to put that in your diary!

I seem to be getting up to all kinds of exploits these days, so watch this space for more news!

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