The Excellent Exploits of Mr X Stitch – Summer Edition part 2!

Hello, Mr X Stitch here. I thought I’d tell you about my recent adventures. Last week I told you a tale of New Art, this week it’s all about Stitched Science!

Stitched Science weekend at London's Science Museum!

Many moons ago I was invited by the Science Museum and the Stitch London crew to join in their first Stitched Science weekend! Stitched Science was designed to give people the chance to combine traditional craft skills with a healthy dose of science – there were opportunities to Knit a Neuron with a team of proper Neuroscientists, create knitted illusions with the fine folks at Woolly Thoughts, create aliens with the people from the Make Lounge and much more!

The Stitched Science stash!

Armed with aida, threads, emoticon cross stitch patterns and a spring in my step I made my way to the Science Museum for the start of a weekend that would fly by! I was joined by Holder of AnimeLil Miss Firefly and Cakester, (a dream team) and between us we introduced about fifty people over the two days to the joys of cross stitch.

Stitched Science weekend at London's Science Museum!

Cross stitch is one of the loveliest things you can teach people. It’s always kinda hectic for the first five or ten minutes, but then people grasp the technique and settle into it. No matter the size of the group, it always goes quiet about ten minutes in and you know that everyone’s in a good space, stitching at their own rhythm and discovering the magical creative space that al us stitchers know and love. I never tire of introducing people to it. 🙂

Hi doaflip! :)

Holder of Anime dazzled people with his awesome video game inspired stitcheries and was a terrific ambassador for the craft – it was an honour working with him and his enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone. For the unfortunate participants, once they got into the quiet zone of stitching the emoticon or favourite phrase, there was little else to do than explore new jokes and old ones and general try to make people laugh, while occasionally undoing a knot for people. It was a good couple of days.

Stitched Science visitors getting their stitch on!

The event was really well organised and filled with communal art projects that filled the different planets with life over the course of the event. There were displays of science inspired textile projects – I was pleased to see some embroidered mould by ElinArt (I’m a massive fan) and continually perplexed by the optical illusion knitting of Woolly Thoughts – truly amazing!

Crochet petri dish by Elin Thomas

You can see more pictures from Stitched Science at the Stitch London blog, where you should sign up for their excellent newsletter.

On the Saturday evening between the Stitched Science days I took a wander around “Love Is What You Want“, the Tracey Emin exhibition at the Hayward Gallery and formulated my view on the work. You can read some of my thoughts in the Edge post that went out on the day that I headed back to London for more stitchy adventures!

And you’ll find out about them next week!


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