The Excellent Exploits of Mr X Stitch – Kirstie’s Handmade Britain!

Hello, Mr X Stitch here. I thought I’d tell you about my recent Xploits.  Life is getting strange these days…

November has been a very exciting month, starting off with the broadcast of the Kirstie’s Handmade Britain needlecraft episode featuring yours truly.

Mr X Stitch on TV


The show was filmed in June with a spell of being filmed while stitching on the train, at the bus stop and around the town. It’s fascinating to understand how much effort goes into a single show. We spent eight hours filming and it got edited down to about two minutes of footage.

We did a spot of follow up filming in Glasgow, where I met up with the fantastic Claire Brown from Miso Funky (a great place to buy Xmas gifts, I should add) and had a fine time stitching, chatting and eating cake.

Stitchy fun in Glasgow with Claire from Miso Funky

Then in July I entered the needlework competition at the Great Yorkshire show, along with several other competitors including the mighty Kirstie Allsopp herself. One of my primary competitors was Naomi Culpan from Spring Grove Alpacas and Rare Breeds, who submitted a fantastic needle-felted teacup.

Naomi's Culpan's needle felted teacup

*SPOILER ALERT* I didn’t win anything. No great surprise as I didn’t know what the scoring criteria were before I started, so I lost points for silly things. Ten points were available for “Use of Mixed Media” and I only did a cross stitch, and so it went. However my piece, based on a picture of Whitby Abbey at Sunset was pretty striking and I was pleased to finish it and enter it.

Whitby Abbey at Sunset

Filming the show was a great experience and it was quite surreal to see on the TV. I’d known what the result was for months, and was relieved to see how the show was produced. Despite picking up no prizes and looking quite forlorn…

Someone told me a kitten had just died

…the show worked out pretty well, and there have been some interesting consequences, which I shall tell you about later. However I have one insider bit of news to share. There’s going to be a Christmas edition of the Handmade Britain show, where Kirstie competes in a Yule Log competition against former competitors from the programme, including me!

Me and Kirstie Allsopp

Yes indeed! Having failed in a competition using a craft I’ve practiced for nearly ten years (cross stitch), I agreed to take part in a Yule log competition (using my mediocre cookery skills!), which has just been filmed and will be shown in December on Channel 4. My lips are sealed about what happens, but I’ll leave you with this shot of us setting the cakes in place for judging…

Yule Logs - mine's the one nearest to you on the left.

(My cake is the one on the left at the front)

Tune in next week to hear of adventures in Dublin and a case of Schindermania!



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