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The Liberty Book of Simple Sewing by Lucinda Ganderton and Christine Leech has a somewhat inviting cover, with its stroke-worthy fabric feel (a trademark of new Batsford publishing textile related books)  and bright pattern; can we judge this book by its….cover?

Who is the book for?

The introduction covers this, giving the statement that ‘Sewing really doesn’t need to be complicated’.  It then goes on to back this up with project examples which are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Time and a lack of it is a general problem which all who love to create know well.  Projects which are said to ‘only take an afternoon’ are juxtaposed those with a slightly longer estimated timescale, so really there is no excuse.

As expected, this book is solely based around Liberty Print fabrics, thus you’ve got to love em to but this book!  However it is a great “turn to” book for ideas; making a great excuse to buy the fabric for a definite reason!

From personal experience, a love of Liberty has been inculcated in me from being very young; with my mother making her own dresses out of the fabric – yet anyone at any age can appreciate the art of these recognisable patterns.


Before we get into the “making”, we are given detailed instructions, based on the projects content.  This is a life saver for those with less sewing knowledge, or those who simply need a reminder.

This volume is made up of 25 projects, those which will appeal to children, dog lovers and interior designers…the list goes on.

What makes it special?


The stylisation of the book is somewhat beautiful.  Within each of the project instructions, we are helped to visualise the finished outcome.  Each one has been staged in an individual setting, appropriate to the object.  For example this cloud cushion has been placed in an envy worthy lounge….

Images help us visualise the finished object.

Unusual Projects

Okay, so we have all seen the cushion covers and the bunting….but how about a Cafeteria cover?!

See Also

Frivolous or fun? It would certainly make an unusual gift!


Monogramming and such like are on trend right now, as are letters posed around the home to spell out a word.  Liberty have created a version unique to themselves:

As you can see, the diagrams work along with the imagery and text to guide us through each project.

What is wrong with the book?

It goes without saying that you’ve got to love pattern and fabric and a certain type at that; so if the fun and floral isn’t your thing, then you wont feel as inspired.

The imagery sets us up to imagine the objects in their “place”; this may seem unachievable to some; yet its pretty cover makes a good coffee table decoration.

In conclusion

For those who have had some link with Liberty fabrics in the past, this book proves a nostalgic and celebratory volume.  It juxtaposes the practical with the quirky and while the Liberty print fabric is the main feature, the projects themselves could feature any fabric which takes your fancy.

Find your copy here….

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