The Phat Quarter Swap!

As you may know, we have a Flickr group called the Phat Quarter. It’s turning into a most excellent place for stitchers to hang out, post pictures and see what other inspirational pieces people are making.

We recently held our first ever swap, officiated by the excellent Penny Nickels. With 33 participants, its was a virtual who’s who of the contemporary stitching scene. Most of the pieces have been sent and received now, and so I thought I’d showcase a few of them.

The theme of the swap was Anatomy, and it was as open as that. However, one thing that was interesting was that a couple of mini themes emerged from the pieces.

The first was Motherhood:

Giggly Mama's embroidery

Above: From Giggly Mama to Twitchy Fingers. Below: From CraftyDame to JoJoBooster.

Crafty Dame's embroidery

Wonderful pieces, and a complete coincidence.

The other theme that emerged was one about hand stitching. You’ll see what I mean. First up, from Turning*Turning to Benjibot.

Turning Turning's embroidery

JoJoBooster's embroidery

Above: From JoJoBooster to Asylnn’sAfghans.
Below: From SaintLucyBelle to StudiesinScarlet.

Saintlucybelle's embroidery

Again, coincidental, but a definite theme. Remarkable works.

We were also party to some little pieces of embroidered wonder:

studiesinscarlet's embroidery

Above: StudiesinScarlet to Astulabee.
Below: MeagenIleana to Gigglymama.

meaganileana's embroidery

And GiddyGirlie delivered a charming little piece featuring a glow-in-the-dark skeleton!


And then finally, there were the comedians… Stitch Out Loud tickled our fancy with this simple request to Rustyfern:

StitchOutLoud's embroidery

And then a couple of wiseacres added their own take on the subject… 🙂

Beefrancks' Phat Q embroidery

Above: Beefranck to MeaganIleana.
Below: Mr X Stitch to Turning*Turning.


This was a great swap – everyone delivered high quality stitchery and it the results were superb.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and keep your eyes peeled for the next swap, coming to the Phat Quarter in June!

Mr X

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