Hey everyone, it’s Etsy! The Pincushion Collector!

Hey everyone, it's Etsy

We love Etsy, it’s filled with handmade joy. We’ve been allowed to rummage through their blog archives and share our findings with you. This month’s article is an interview with a pincushion collector!


Love peeking inside an artist’s studio? Me too. Windowsills lined with buttons or beads, pigments or inks. Tin cans filled with an array of paintbrush bouquets. Paper scraps become a riot of crazy confetti on the floor. And it is in the sewer’s studio where pincushions bloom from various surfaces; a happy home for all those stray pins. After today’s gorgeous collection, I’ll never quite look at the functional, artistic beauty of organizing my art supplies in quite the same way!


Who are you?
Lana, wife, mom, self-taught, work-at-home artist.

What are you collecting? 
Pincushions – mostly antique and vintage, but I also have some made by friends and fellow artists.

When did you start? 
Although I’ve had a few for several years, I began consciously collecting about 5 years ago.

How many do you have?
Ninety something, last count, including some not pictured that I forgot about until after the photos were taken!

Where do you find them?
Thrift shops, junk stores, antique shops, online antique markets, and gifts from friends.


Where do you keep them?
Mostly in my studio on shelves, under little glass domes, and beside my sewing machine. But I have a few vignettes displayed in other rooms of the house.

What‘s an interesting story behind one?
A couple of weeks after doing an arts and crafts fair a few years ago, I received a surprise package in the mail from a lady who had visited my booth. She knew I loved old pincushions and mailed an antique one to me along with another antique glass base for use in making my own cushions!

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