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Niamh Ward's Cross Stitch Ladybird
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Those Kids Are Stitchin - It's Young Embroiderers Time!

Thanks to Melanie Ward for sharing this great cross stitched ladybird, made by Niamh, her eight year old daughter. Niamh also turned into a pillow and gave it to her grandma!

Niamh Ward's Cross Stitch Ladybird


“Her name is Niamh and she is 8. I’ve been cross stitching for years and she always liked to look at what I’m doing and asked if this summer holidays from school I would teach her. I took her to our local needlework store here in the UK to choose something to do. Of course she went straight for a complex kit until I convinced her she needed to start small. The kit is a ‘Fat Cat Cross Stitch Kit’ called Easy Peasy Ladybird done on 6ct Binca with tapestry wool. We concentrated on making sure all our crosses go in the same direction and trying to keep our back as neat as possible, she took to it really well and had it finished in 4 days. She’s already had me order her some more kits, this time on 11ct Aida.”

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Great stuff Niamh! Hope you enjoyed it and that you stitch lots more groovy things! 🙂

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