Domestitchery – Throw Pillows Worth Fighting Over

Domestitchery is where we take a look at how talented people make ordinary domestic items extraordinary through creative needlework.

I’m sure I’m like a lot of crafty people in that my decorating style isn’t particularly crafty-looking, but I love hand wrought details and appreciate individual artistry in my interiors.  That’s why these particular throw pillows appealed to me when Beefranck shared them.


Thimbletop handstitches a variety of styles of throw pillows, but this was my favorite.  It’s a practical size, visually interesting and obviously not mass-produced. Check out her etsy store to see her range.

This pillow from Lost City’s Forensic line has now become a part of my fantasy to redecorate my entire (dream) house just for Halloween.


To quote their manifesto:

Lost City Products is a New York based design house that specializes in exquisite hand-made fabrics, pillows, scarves, bags and chairs. Afshan Durrani, a Fashion Institute of Technology, NY alumna, founded the company in 2005, determined to save the vanishing art of hand embroidery. Lost City synthesizes sophisticated design sensibility, artisanship and environment friendly production techniques with good business practices.

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Items in Heather Weather’s etsy shop have a natural history museum look that’s adds a quirky twist to otherwise traditional-looking pillows and framed art.

We’ve all seen bees and dragonflies over and over again, but this cicada really sings.

TheMistressT is a scumbler and plastrix by day and a craft dabbler by night. Her mottoes include “any excuse for a costume” and “there’s no such thing as too much carpincho.”

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