Stitchgasm – #UK2015GeneralElectionResultsLiveStitch

Tom Katsumi - General Election Live Stitch
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Big up Tom Katsumi who is planning on stitching the results of the UK General Election on Thursday:

“On the night of Thur 7th – Fri 8th May (UK time) I’m going to attempt to live-cross-stitch the results of the 2015 UK general election. I’ll probably fail and just end up falling asleep on a needle, but if you are inclined feel free to check in on proceedings on twitter, instagram or facebook (#‎UK2015GeneralElectionResultsLiveStitch ).

Tom Katsumi - General Election Live Stitch
“Here’s the (still work in progress) results board.  Each of the 650 stitches on the map represents one UK ‘constitchuency’ and I’ll be filling them in with the appropriate colour as the results come in – providing regular updates until I pass out or a coup d’etat renders the results irrelevant.”

I just hope he’s bought lots of green thread! #votegreen2015

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