Too Cute Tuesday – Dripping & Weeping by film research

I’d say these pieces are cute in the service of art. Film research, a.k.a. Mark Bieraugel, has stitched classic embroidery patterns onto microfiche.


In his flickr stream, Mark says about the work, “I’m stitching on microfiche as it was once one method for permanently archiving printed materials. Each of the ‘fiche’ I used ties in with the stitched pieces on them, as this is a section of a dairy report. What was once permanent has become ephemeral. Similarly, what was once ephemeral, cute, anthropomorphic iron-on designs for embroidery, has become permanent. So the friction between what was once thought permanent and now thrown away, and what was once short lived is now permanent.”


Mark is a librarian and makes deeply thoughtful art. Check out more of it on his website or in his flickr stream.

Detail of 'Crying'

My kind of “cute.”

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