Too Cute Tuesday – Space Cadet Akane in Danger! by Hine

Vancouver-based artist Hine Mizushima’s sculptures in wool are things of great beauty and imagination. Her Space Cadet Akane in Danger! is a glorious example of the complicated, layered scenes she creates.

Space Cadet Akane in Danger by Hine


I’m fortunate enough to have seen her work in person, at the Needlefelting Extravaganza at the Gallery Hanahou in New York City back in 2011. And I strongly encourage you to take any opportunity you can to see her art in person. The otherworldly but someone familiar narratives she depicts in her sculptures are even more powerful in 3D. And the colors and details are stunning.

A Bad Alien, Bandel!(バンデル星人!)

In the meantime, treat yourself by exploring her flickr stream, which includes a series of handmade videos. She also has a wonderful website of her artwork and an etsy shop.

A Bad Alien Bande... Wait! Is that a zipper on his back!?

I promise that you will be inspired and moved by the rich, mysterious, gorgeously-rendered scenes. Hine’s work combines playfulness, incredible skill and a wild imagination.

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