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Tracey Wright
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Adventures in Time & Lace

Tracey Wright who is she? We’ve some fantastic columns on Mr X Stitch and we wanted to celebrate the authors who share their love of needlecraft with you. So this time around it’s an introduction to this awesome lacework artist , who will be sharing lace techniques and inspiration with you each month in our brand new column, Adventures In Time & Lace!  Lets find out a bit more about her, including her specialism…..

Name: Tracey Wright

Location: Bedford, Bedfordshire

Aragon Lacemakers Installation 2
Aragon Lacemakers Installation 2

Specialism: Lacemaking

Favourite colour: Turquoise – it’s just so damn perfect & cheerful!

Tracey Wright lace

Favourite film: The Labyrinth – amazing puppetry, fantastic 80s songs & David Bowie in tights, what’s not to like!

Favourite band: This is too hard! I love music & like so many different bands & styles. I’d love someone go through my iPod & try to make sense of what my music taste actually is!

Aragon Lacemakers Lace House
Aragon Lace makers Lace House

Favourite book: The Outsiders by S E Hinton – “Stay gold, Ponyboy.”

Here’s a joke: Why was the rubbish sad? Because he was down in the dumps!

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Tracey Wright Lace Decorations
One way to use lace!

A piece of wisdom: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi said this and I encourage you all to apply this to every area of your life & make things better!

Tracey Wright bobbin lace
Bobbin lace tools

Adventures in Time & Lace will come to you on the third Tuesday of each month! In the meantime, here’s three great lace posts from our archive for you to enjoy!

Pierre Fouche - The Kiss (2008), Crochet cotton, 2000 x 1200mm
The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Pierre Fouche


Penny Nickels - The Endurance Trapped in the Ice
Stitchgasm – The Endurance Trapped in the Ice


The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – LaceFence


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