Want to be part of the Mr X Stitch Family?

Godzilla Cross Stitch via Geek With Curves
This Godzilla Cross Stitch from Geek With Curves has nothing to do with the subject of the post, it’s just cool!

Spring has sprung and the sap is rising. In this case, the sap is Mr X Stitch, and he’s realised that he needs some help with spreading the stitchy awesomeness around the internets!

We’re looking for people who can do some intern/volunteer work for Mr X Stitch in exchange for massive amounts of karma and big props as necessary. In particular we’re after the following:

  • Pinterest fanatics – Could you help pin content from Mr X Stitch onto our boards as well as taking those deep dives into Pinterest to find stitchy gems for us to share?
  • Etsyholics – We want someone who can discover Etsy sellers who are making needlecraft magic and write posts about them!
  • DeviantArtists – Do you spend your days in the mysterious world of deviantArt? We’re after someone who can help us get to grips with all the stitchy goodness inside that amazing site!
  • Google Plussers – Are you getting down with Google Plus? If you can help us build our profile on there, that would be swell!
  • Reddit – The final frontier – if you’re out there and can help promote stitchy goodness in those realms, get in touch!

We all know that stitchery is getting cooler with every day that passes, and we want your help to push out more of the great content we feature on here, so that the interwebs learn how great this stuff is.

If you’ve been in touch with us about these ideas before, please get back in touch! We’ve not forgotten about you, we just lost the emails down the back of the sofa or something…


Mr X

Jamie Chalmers, aka Mr X Stitch, aka the Kingpin of Contemporary Embroidery is the founder of the Mr X Stitch site, the world's longest running embroidery blog, the curator of PUSH Stitchery and the author of the Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch. He is also the founder of XStitch, the game-changing cross stitch design magazine which launched in Summer 2017.

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