We are two!

It’s been two years since the first post on Mr X Stitch.

And one year since I wrote the last anniversary post.

And I continue to be amazed at what is happening on here.

Here’s some stats. Since I plugged us into Google Analytics, on 1st May 2009, we’ve had:

445,130 visits from
284,105 unique visitors from
171 countries

I won’t lie to you, I didn’t even know we had 171 countries.

It’s been amazing how the site has bloomed and I’m truly blessed to have such fantastic artists sharing their love of the stitch with you. If you’d be so kind, a round of applause for (in no particular order):

And last but by no means least, everyone’s favourite Queen of Ironic Stitchery: Beefranck!

We’ve now posted over 1200 posts in two years, and unearthed some terrific finds. We’ve expanded the horizons of the site to include quilting, needle felting and plushes, and we’re so much the better for it!

We’ve gone from the one site here, to having properties on Flickr, Facebook, deviantArt, Ravelry and even iTunes! Β Yes indeed, the world now has the stitching podcast it deserves in the form of Stitching n Junk, which is bringing the nu-embroidery movement to the ears of people who still think stitching is stuffy.

It’s all rather mindblowing.

On top of all this, one of the most amazing things about this whole experience is the realisation that the historical constructs of stitching and embroidery, and its place within society, as a hobby for the quieter folks are old news.

We’ve seen some remarkable talent, that uses the craft of embroidery and needlework to create fantastic pieces of art that can stir the soul. We’ve seen pop culture memes become terrific stitcheries within days, and we’ve seen emerging new talent on a near-daily basis. We’ve seen people redefine the boundaries of the popular view of stitch, in all manner of directions. It’s truly inspirational.

I’m excited for what the future holds. I know it’s only going to get better and I thank you all for coming on this amazing ride with all of us here at Mr X Stitch.

[picture from Cake Wrecks, a very early inspiration for me]

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