Wedding Pics

I am pleased to announce that photos from mine and Alissa’s wedding on 8th August 2008 are now available to view on Alissa’s Flickr account.

Here’s a few of my favourites:
Alissa and her wedding party making their way to the arbour where the ceremony took place. A sacred circle was cast at the arbour by four of our closest friends reading poems that symbolised the four elements. And although it looks cloudy there, the clouds parted just as the ceremony began and all was glorious.

After we got married, this happened. Some people call it throwing rose petals at the newlyweds, but to me it’s still common assault.

This was us larking about. On a wall. As you do.
And, in case you didn’t realise, those are our feet at the top. I was working the Converse Allstars to full effect!

It was the best day of our lives.

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Pics

  • I love to see what people actually looks like in REAL LIFE… I hate when I feel like I am talking to an avatar

  • awww what cute photos!! i love the foot shot 🙂
    haha me & my husband had rose petals thrown at us & we (more him than me though) pretended we were being shot at. i love seeing other people's wedding photos!

  • Hi Brook.
    Yes, that’s me.
    A face only a mother could love.

    Thanks for the nice words you two!

  • Katie Kutthroat

    14 October 2008 at 1:26 pm

    you guys looks truly happy.. i love seeing wedding pictures where everyone is all smiles and not all serious and posing for the camera.. your photos look real!

  • What great pictures. You wife is beautiful and the wedding looks like it was so much fun. Congrads!

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