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Let’s talk about a revolution…

I’ve been involved in the world of cross stitch for best part of a decade, and I’ve spent quite a lot of that time waiting for the ecosystem to get up to speed with the state of the modern world. By ecosystem, I mean the magazines, shops and production companies that provide the products that the masses get to stitch. I’ve developed a fair idea of how the world of cross stitch fits together and I’ve seen how amazing it can be. I enjoy being part of CrossStitcher magazine, and do my bit to provide (debatable) wit and (occasional) wisdom with my monthly column. It’s an honour to connect with a global audience and terrific to see how ubiquitous cross stitch is.

The majority of the UK craft magazines are owned by one or two large publishing houses, who produce all manner of other titles, and whose business model is underpinned by advertising. Now I’m not going to criticise the magazines, but the need to maintain advertising does make them all a bit risk averse in the broadest sense. And in the land of cross stitch, this has largely led to them playing it safe with cute/charming/nostalgic designs, rather than the edgier stuff that I’ve shared on Mr X Stitch over the years.

It’s fine – cute things are a welcome antidote to the perils of modern living – but it’s also fair to say that the world of cross stitch magazines might benefit from a shot in the arm…

XStitch is here to change the world of cross stitch

The curious thing is…

While the mainstream magazine publishing sector is doing its thing, there’s a bit of a revival in independently published magazines. Much like the vinyl revival, there are an increasing number of beautiful mags being produced by small enterprises, focusing on specific niches. Whether it’s travel, coffee, music or cats, there’s a really nicely produced independent magazine that’ll inspire you. Magazines that work with small teams to keep costs low and use crowdfunding to build their audiences from the ground up. Magazines that can take risks and push at boundaries to further the conversation and make people feel proud of their interests.

I asked the fantastic people who’ve joined the Mr X Stitch mailing list for their views and got an overwhelming response on a range of topics, giving clear insight into their perspective on the state of the cross stitch magazine sector. Based on that research, here’s your wishlist for a great cross stitch magazine…

  • Modern cross stitch designs, of assorted size and complexity.
  • Designs produced by familiar names and fresh talent from various corners of the internet.
  • Themed issues, where the designers respond to the theme, sharing their creativity in new ways.
  • Legible patterns, with digital downloads available for ease of use.
  • Interviews with cross stitch designers to find out how they tick.
  • Product reviews of new materials and gizmos.
  • Links to designers and craft sellers with like-minded approaches to the craft.
  • A great sense of design and a good sense of humour.

How does that sound? Pretty cool huh?

XStitch Issue 1 - Revolution


It’s happening!

It’s time to turn this dream into reality and I need your help! I’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign designed to generate funds to cover the cost of production of XStitch Magazine Issue 1! The first issue’s theme is “Revolution” and the aim is that it’ll be published in June.

I’ll be connecting with as many amazing cross stitch designers as I can find and inviting them to respond to that theme. I’ll be using my know-how of cross stitch design to work with them to create some stunning designs that you’ll enjoy stitching, and we’ll make the patterns available in print and digital format so you can stitch them with ease!

With at least 80 pages, printed on good quality paper, with an easy design, this magazine will be something special and will be a real shot in the arm for the world of cross stitch!

Join the XStitch Kickstarter Campaign!

Join the movement!

The aim of the Kickstarter is to raise at least £6000, as this will cover the cost of printing 2000 copies as well as the other production costs – including paying the designers for their efforts and undoubtedly a heap of other costs we’ve not thought of yet! There are many ways for you to invest in the project, whether your a business that wants to sponsor the inside cover of the mag, an Etsy seller who wants a half page advert, or would like one of our micro ads, which will be featured throughout the magazines. And that’s just for starters!

We want this magazine to be available worldwide, and our basic rewards enable you to pre-order Issue 1, or Issues 1 and 2, whether you’re in the UK, the EU, the US and Canada, or in Australia and New Zealand.

XStitch will feature patterns you'll want to stitch


Get your pre-orders now!

The easiest way to support us is by buying the first two issues in advance. They’ll be on sale for £10 plus P&P when they publish, so the early bird prices are irresistible. We’ve had a stellar response to the campaign so far, and the more funding we can achieve, the more we can build a production process that will last.

  • We want to create more themed issues and work with new cross stitch talent who’ve never been in magazines before.
  • We want to make magazines that are cool, and fun, and stylish, and inspirational.
  • We want to make the wonderful world of cross stitch even better.

Will you help us?

XStitch will feature fresh designs

The Revolution Has Begun!

The ball is rolling and it’s picking up speed. We want to get news of the magazine out to as many cross stitch fans around the world as we can, so please share the campaign on as many social media platforms as you can! We want the world to know that a new magazine is coming so that they can pre-order it and get excited about stitching cross stitch patterns that reflect the world we live in! Copy and paste this link into whatever platforms you like and it’ll send people our way!

If you like stitching and you’re looking for designs that reflect our times, from some of your favourite designers, then XStitch is going to rock your world. Help us make it the best cross stitch magazine on the planet!

Join the XStitch Mailing List
Join the XStitch Mailing List to make sure you get the news first!

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