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XStitch - A Cross Stitch Magazine for the Modern World
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The XStitch magazine is a success!

Wow! Honestly, just wow!

Thanks so much to everyone for backing this project. The response has been quite astonishing and it’s amazing to realise that so many people from all around the world have been willing to support this idea and turn it into reality.

Once the project hit its goal (in four days!) and it was clear that a new cross stitch magazine was on the way, I began connecting with assorted designers and putting the wheels of development into action. I’ve already got at least a dozen high quality designs in process, from some terrific designers, and I know that the first issue is going to be a corker!

This whole adventure comes at an interesting time in my life, as I am taking redundancy from the job I’ve had for fourteen years (working for a charity) and am due to become a father for the first time, in the next few weeks, so pretty much every aspect of my life is changing. But thanks to this immense campaign success, I could not be more excited, and I’m really looking forward to producing the magazine that the world of cross stitch deserves, and building a sustainable model that’ll keep it going for as long as we like!

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I’m keen to connect with independent craft shops that might be interested in stocking the magazine, particularly as I get closer to print dates, so that I can get enough copies produced. If you’ve got any recommendations, please email hello@xstitchmag.com with your suggestions and I’ll add them to my list. Similarly, if you’ve any thoughts or comments, I’d love to hear them, so feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks ever so much for being part of this game (and life) changing campaign. It’s going to be awesome!

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  • Will it be all cross stitch or will there be other types of work as well (counted canvaswork, surface work etc.)?

    • Hiya,
      It’ll be predominantly cross stitch and needlepoint for the first couple of issues while I get to grips with it all. And then we’ll see what happens!

  • Can’t wait to see the new magazine – can we subscribe? Or buy it from your website? Also when are your DMC kits out? Thank you !

    • Hi Audrey,
      You will be able to subscribe to the mag and buy back issues as well. Working on all that stuff as we speak!
      The DMC kits come out throughout the year I think. You’ll have to pester your local craft shop about them! 🙂

  • Will we be able to buy PDF’s of the magazine? Easier for someone in Canada who wants to get their hands on it ASAP.

    • It’s mainly going to be a print magazine, as we’re kicking it old school, but you’ll be able to order it via our website and we’re looking for Canadian retailers, so if you know of any, please do let us know!

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