YEAH – De Denne Junior Embroiderers & Textile Students Competition

YEAH - Young Embroiderers Are Here!
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YEAH - Young Embroiderers Are Here!

Click here to download your own personal entry form for the new De Denne Junior Embroiderers & Textile Students competition for 2013/2014. There are also full instructions on how to enter and some ideas that you may find useful.
The theme is “Tree Rhythms” and was chosen by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, joint Presidents of The Embroiderers Guild. They are also know as ‘Double Trouble’. Have a look at their website
Think about the shape the bark of a tree makes – perhaps you could try placing a piece of thin paper over the bark and rubbing with a pencil or crayon. All trees have different patterns and shapes.
Think what you could do with the shape – you could make it larger, you could make it smaller. Remember to look at the colour of the trees and how light and shade affect the colour. This is a starting point – most of all have fun!
The competition is open to 5 categories of Junior Embroiderers & Textile Student members – individuals aged under 9, 9-11 years, 11-16 years, 17-24 years and Group Entries.
The instructions and entry form are also available to download from both the Young Embroiderers website and the adult Embroiderers’ Guild website
2014 is a very special year as it is 40 years since Young Embroiderers was founded and we will be celebrating with all sorts of different events.  We hope that you will enter the competition – there are prizes for each category and we are really looking forward to seeing what our Junior Embroiderers & Textile Students can do.
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