Holiday Hangover and Yuki Ogawa

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Nuido It Yourself - Japanese Embroidery with Madeline Scharpf

I hope everybody’s Winter celebrations were lovely! But, in case they weren’t and you entirely screwed up Christmas dinner by, say, accidentally turning off the oven. Well, it’s time to forgive myself for the total silence at the table from a disappointed husband and children who were forced to go au-gratin-potato-less. Perhaps I’m not the only one who needs a good mind melt to cure a holiday hangover so… take a break from scrubbing dishes, don’t look at the carpet that needs to be vacuumed right now. Today, I give you Yuki Ogawa, the Japanese fiber artist who just wants to make us smile.




Inspired by a dream of a ballet career for her daughter, Yuki Ogawa named her handmade brand “Grandjeté”.







She creates using a method she calls “patchwork time” because being a mother doesn’t allow her large blocks of uninterrupted time for artwork. The routine goes something like, after making breakfast for her family, she cuts fabric, then she’ll tidy up the house, after which she sews, then laundry, later she’ll work on stitching details, etc… This method of “patchwork time” certainly sounds familiar to many of us who have others to look after.






Yuki has no formal sewing education and she claims to have no depth of thinking when planing her creations. Instead, she gives way to her heart while she’s in the creative process.






“I don’t have any deeply plan to select themes, but I usually think to make someone who pet my works be happy and smile” – Yuki Ogawa


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You can see more of Yuki Ogawa’s art on her website.

Or pop on over to the ‘Nuido-it-Yourself’ board on Pinterest to see more of Yuki’s work that didn’t make it into this article along with ideas and inspiration for your Japanese embroidery projects.




As the holidays wind down we’re all thinking of the WiPs’ we’d like to finish, both with our fiber and with our being, and we’re looking forward to what next year will bring us. So, make some free time because next month I’ll be bringing you a Japanese embroidery project that will inspire your stitches for 2016. Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます! Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!



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