Plush of the Month – August!

This month I have decided to highlight the talented contributors of my new book, Yummy Crochet!  Yummy Crochet comes out in September at a Barnes & Noble near you.  Those in the UK, perhaps TK Maxx will purchase this book, they had purchased the last one, Creature Crochet.  Demand it and perhaps they will?

Yummy Pancake makes the most delicious treats!

This adorable hamburger and other patterns by Alicia Kachmar will make anyone drool.

Elisha Copeland makes the sweetest plush food in whole state of Texas!

Since the book, Mucho Design has moved more towards embroidery and jewelry.  Either way, her work takes the cake!

Crafty Anna has loads of patterns from adorable pencils to swiffer covers!

Berry Sprite has the most colorful, fun shop and adorable goodies for everyone to enjoy!

Honeybee69’s work looks so real you may try to eat it!

Stay Home Cupcake makes adorable goodies, many of which are functional too!

Until next time.xo

Kristen Rask

Kristen Rask, owner of Schmancy Toys, started Plush You! as a way to exhibit the best plushies made by a wide variety of artists from around the world.

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