Zombie Cross Stitch Giveaway – WE HAVE A WINNER!

Hi everybody! This time last week we announced that we were giving away a copy of Zombie Cross Stitch. We asked you to comment with suggestions for TV shows, movies or books that would benefit from the addition of zombies or other horror elements. We got some excellent responses! Zombie Smurfs. Golden Girls Eat Miami Beach. Punky Brewcula. You should really go check out the original post and read through them. 🙂

We used Random.org to choose the winner, so without further ado:

The lucky winner is #55, who is:

Becky! Yay! Congrats! Drop me a line at beefranck@mrxstitch.com and I’ll set you up with your prize. 🙂

Thanks so much to everyone for participating with so many fun comments, and stay tuned for more giveaway goodness in the future!

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