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Hi everybody! We love Kittyzilla here at Mr X Stitch, so when I saw that she’s created some new plush recently I wanted to share them with you. :)


Here’s V.I.N.C.E.N.T. from The Black Hole.

With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human

Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from Adventure Time


Supervillain/anti-hero Taskmaster

Boba Fett

Notorious badass Boba Fett

Beep Bop Boop

And one of my favorite robots, R2D2. :)

See all of her plush here – you’ll be glad you did!

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Another Stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch

Check out this plethora of comic plush from Kittyzilla!

The Comic Plush

Wonderful – and what a great action shot! See more from Kittyzilla at her flickr photostream or her etsy store.

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Kittyzilla, aka Jennifer, has done a series of embroideries based on one of my favorite things – the internet. She chose subjects that have become part of our global consciousness – even if they are ridiculous.

Do you remember the first time you saw the hamster dance? Lord knows I do.
Is the song in your head? Sorry.

How about “leave Britney alone” guy? That wasn’t just on the internet, it was on the national news here in the States. I guess because a creepy man-girl snotting on himself is news? Huh.

Poor Britney. She never asked for this.

Poor Britney. She never asked for this.

Dramatic Chipmunk. Dramatic Prarie Dog. Dramatic Gopher. This guy has gone by a lot of names. Whatever he is, I love him.

He's dramatic, alright!


Ever since Dark Knight was released there have been a lot of Y so srs? images floating around the internet – just do an image search and you will be rewarded. I like this one best, though.



No collection of internet references would be complete without 2 girls, 1 cup. Don’t know what it is? DON’T LOOK FOR IT. If you simply must know, please just read about it at wikipedia. Don’t watch the video. You can’t unwatch it.

If you don't know, don't look.

If you don

Ok, an aside – Kittyzilla also does the most AMAZING handmade dolls. I’m a sucker for a softie, so I really wanted to post an example or three here:
Are you digging Kittyzilla too? Then check out her flickr photostream, blog, and etsy store. See you next time!

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Good day and welcome to another exploration of the alternative embroidery patterns to be found at the Mr X Stitch etsy store. This time we’re focusing on the Kittyzilla internet meme series!

Remember how tough Chuck Norris is?

He’s damn tough, and that may be the toughest damn embroidery pattern on the planet.

Remember Chris Crocker?

No, me either.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember these ladies…

These embroidery patterns remind us of some of the funnier internet memes in recent years, and at only six bucks, they’re a great novelty gift, which just happens to act as a gateway to a thoroughly pleasant craft as a bonus!

Each pattern costs six dollars, is available from the store, and will be emailed to you in PDF format once payment is received. It contains the instructions and links to some great online tuition.

What are you waiting for – we’ll see you there!

Guaranteed to get this in time for Xmas! Only available at the Mr X Stitch etsy store!

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