Oliver Bliss

Oliver Bliss | Machine Embroidery

Oliver Bliss is a Worcester-based embroidery artist whose recent “SoftLad” series of large-scale machine stitched tapestries explores the difference between social media images and the reality of modern manhood. Learn more about him in this Manbroidery interview on Mr X Stitch!

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StitchedLime - Sci-fi Patch

Liam Kane | Hand Embroidery

Liam Kane, aka StitchedLime, is a male embroiderer from New York whose cartoonish characters have a strong naive art attitude and are packed with technique and wit. Find out more in this Manbroidery interview at Mr X Stitch!

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Eran Inbar - Giant Cock - Hand Embroidery

Eran Inbar | Hand Embroidery

Welcome to eMbroidery, a series of interviews with male embroiderers. This month, Eran Inbar. Name: Eran Inbar Location: Israel Main embroidery medium: Hand embroidery Noteworthy

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