Ksenia Semirova another focused shot

Ksenia Semirova | Modern Beadwork

In this Ailist we interview MA student Ksenia Semirova about her pearl final year project. We learn about her methods of textile design and how she is inspired by traditional craft embroidery techniques to do with her heritage and how she transmits this to a contemporary setting in fashion.

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Joanna Galica-Dorula | Modern Beadwork

Meet Joanna Galica-Dorula, winner of 3rd place in the 2019 Hand & Lock Prize, Open Fashion category. Her green velvet cape features hand-embroidered epaulets with beads and plastic-bottle sequins, metal washers, and more. Poppies and an elegant knight feature on the borders and back. It’s another Funk Files interview by Jen Funk Weber for Mr X Stitch!

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Celia Jaye - Joshua Miels

Celia Jayi | Modern Beadwork

Welcome to #amplifymelanatedstitchers, a series of interviews with embroidery and textile artists of colour. This time, it’s Celia Jayi a beadwork artist whose colourful portraits are pixel perfect!

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