Mixed Media Art

Ruth Tabancay | Mixed Media

Today’s Future Heirlooms Interview is with artist Ruth Tabancay. Ruth is most know for her innovative works using tea bags as her material but in her newest works she is delving into the realm of embroidery. Read on for more!

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Textile Art Creation

How Do I Prepare For Textile Art Creation?

A new textile creation is very exciting. You will have your idea (often part of a theme), done your research, gathered fabrics in your chosen colour palette and have selected embellishments to add texture and detail. The preparation in advance can make the project less overwhelming by breaking it down into stages. Let us look at simplifying the process of creating a new textile by exploring colour, size, using a framework, depth, the finishing process, hanging a textile, themed works, visibility, photography, creating prints and having a workable timetable that suits you.

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Skin - Creating a textured landscape

How To Create Skin in Textile Art

Creating a textured landscape to represent skin can be easily achieved by layering a variety of materials to create a contoured surface within a chosen colour palette. Contrasting dense blocks of colour with layers of light reflective surfaces creates depth as light travels over the surface throughout the day. Fabrics offer a huge variety in texture, but other materials can be very effective.

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Recycling Furniture

Recycling Furniture | Textile Art

As a textile artist my work is created from recycled materials. I source from the usual places – car boot sales, charity shops, flea markets, freecycle, donations from family and friends. Household furniture can be a great source of inspiration, both old and new. Here are some tips to encourage you to recycle fabrics covering furniture before heading to the skip.

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