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The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge

Stephanie Clark - Droppo Dwellings (detail) - Hand Embroidery on Canvas
Caren Garfen - Guilt Biscuits - 2014
ZoraHolly - Brocade Satin Flower Necklace
Almas Pieters - Godzillaman (detail)
Luisa Zilio - Jean-Michel Basquiat - Hand Embroidery
Stewart Easton - Four Tragic Tales
Diane Meyer - Mauer Park - cross stitch on photograph
Favourite Place Needles
Lisa Kokin - Leotard
POMPOM - Mini Cushion Needlepoint Kits
Jacobite Uprising panel at the Great Tapestry of Scotland (more detail)
Valley of the Dolls
Andoni Maillard - Truck
Deborah Simon - Ursus americanus
Louise Saxton - Right Place Wrong Time (2011)
Li Textile from the Hainan Province - Image courtesy of Hainan Provincial Mass Art Centre
Amy Fredman - The Frogs - Machine Embroidery
Emma Blackburn - Red Tunic
Mana Morimoto - Scanned Threads
The Pigness in Us All. Fabric and thread.  50cm X 50cm (Not for sale)
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