Sarah Ward - Lark and Bower

Sarah Ward | Modern Weaving

Sarah Ward Podleszny if the creator of the UK-based studio Lark and Bower. The Studio specialises in beautiful hand-woven textiles, created using recycled and repurposed materials

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Unravelling Women’s Art: Creators, Rebels, & Innovators in Textile Arts | Weaving Book Review

Within Unravelling Women’s Art, P.L. Henderson symbolically unties the woven structures of female textile artists and their work. She focuses on the links between the artists she has curated together, examining the messages found within their work, providing fascinating insights into the finer details of female textile art. Over twenty artist interviews back up her interpretations; embroidery, weaving, sculpture and patchwork are all covered, as well as notes on their cultural context, historical meaning and identity within the contemporary arts field.

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Berta’s Flax | Modern Weaving

I am going to stray off track a bit this month. I just have to share something that is happening in the fibre world that does, in some ways, connect to quilting. It involves flax, which is an amazing ancient plant that results in linen.

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