Ai Kijima

Lets talk high-art quilting.

Ai Kijima

According to an interview:

Ai Kijima is a Japanese born textile artist currently living in Chicago. A self-confessed fabric ‘addict’, Ai’s distinctive works are chaotic collages: amalgamations of ‘found’ material painstakingly stitched into evocative cross-cultural patchworks.

“Her work often employs iconic imagery derived from current and recently discarded popular culture, and she sometimes juxtaposes these garish images with fabrics from her collection of vintage kimonos, lovingly compiled over many years from the flea markets of Tokyo”

These works are a little hard to digest by looking at the images. she has an exhibition in NY I am hoping to go see to see what they look like in person and to see what the scale of them is.

Here is what she says about her concept:

I believe that having a new way of looking at the world is important for all of us and what I am trying to present in my work is that we need to realize that we are not separate beings, but rather we are integral parts of the deep web of life.”

I can see that in her work.

“Sun-Kissed Summer”:
Ai Kijima

I wonder how she chooses which image to make the title from?

Ai Kijima

There is an element of street art to these.

Do you think she uses one on her bed?

I bet that would wake you up in the morning!

Her work reminds me a little of

Ai Kijima

Let this be a testament to the fact that you can take fabric and do with it what you want and that experimentation is the best way to learn how to make the best work!


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