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Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, where we showcase people whose embroidered creativity is fresh and new!

Almas Pieters is a mixed-media artist from the Netherlands whose eclectic hand embroidered collages are packed with colour, drama and vibrancy.

Almas Pieters - Genevieve

“As an illustrator Almas Pieters uses different kinds of everyday materials and crafts from grandma’s time to tell stories. She, in particular, has a fascination for thread/needle and textiles. Not bound by any technical knowledge she walks along beaten paths looking for new and surprising angles.

Almas Pieters - Stolen Beauties

“Inspired by the drive of outsider artists she starts off making collages with cut-out pictures and images from magazines and the internet, rearranging and recreating content. While stitching the loose elements together, covering the collage with a thick layer of brightly coloured thread, her imagination kicks in. Deviating from her original plan the collage gradually transforms into a new image, surprising Almas herself with the result. All pieces are embroidered by hand.

Almas Pieters - Godzillaman (detail)

There’s a real energy to Almas’ work – her pieces are filled with colour and packed with simple, vibrant embroidery. The stitching is tight and works well to provide texture, direction and the colour decisions are really eye catching.

Almas Pieters - Warrior

I love that she starts off with paper collage,  but completely transforms the original material, in medium and in content. Almas makes new pieces of pop culture art with a rawness that’s completely engaging.

Almas Pieters - Mommas Boy

There’s no denying that Almas’ work is really original – the composition of the work often feels like a fever dream where unexpected images are associated with one another and the narrative in those pieces is yours for the taking.

Almas Pieters - I'll Walk Away If You Walk Away

Find Almas on Behance and Instagram and brace yourself for her next creation!

Almas Pieters - Kakatonka

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