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Art in Felt and Stitch:  Creating Beautiful Works of Art Using Fleece, Fibres and Threads is written by Moy Mackay (published by Search Press)


This is a visually stunning book, but is it worth a purchase?

Who is it aimed at?

Those with an interest in art as well as textiles, who enjoy creating pictures over just simply texture or made products.

We would say that it is for someone who has some knowledge of stitch, in order to be able to use the materials correctly within this book.

About the artist

Mackay has developed a unique style of her own, using her Fine Art skills, merged with her Textile ones, she connects felt and drawing to create painterly pieces, often in landscapes.  She now teaches both at home and abroad and has had great recognition for her work.


Mackay has certain favourite areas to use as her inspiration.  We can use our own, however hers are just as tempting….

The list of her loves.

For those who have a basic knowledge of felt making, this knowledge may seem old hat, however its vital for those who are new to felting, so we think it is great that it has been included:

What to use? Mackay explains

Okay, so we have all heard of wool being used to make felt, however what about something a bit more special?  Mackay details other fibres which we can be used or mixed with the wool…think silk and even a bit of glitter!

Types of fibres we can use.

What makes it special?

There is many a felt making book out there, often too repetitive.  This book holds a unique quality, in that it combines a painterly style with the felt texture; creating pieces which actually look like they could be framed just like any old watercolour:

Multicoloured delight, look at this incorporation of stitch with felt.


The actual work examples have all been photographed beautifully:

Literally woolly sheep!

The step by step instructions have been outlined well for us to follow:

Those new to certain skills need not worry, Mackay guides us through each stage.
New to colour combining? This writer even pictorially conveys how to mix wool as we would paint, in order to achieve the correct shades we are looking for, for our own landscapes.

What is wrong with the book?

If you are more of a dress maker, then no this may not appeal.  However we love the link between Fine Art and Felt, combing techniques which Mackay illustrates beautifully.


Personally, we love this refreshing take on how we can use our own photographs as inspiration, creating unique felt versions.  We think its fresh and we are drawn in by Mackay’s passion for her subject.  This isn’t an artist simply producing a book for the sake of it, this seems to be her life and love.

Use this link to get your own artsy journey going….

Art in Felt and Stitch:  Creating Beautiful Works of Art Using Fleece, Fibres and Threads – by Moy Mackay


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