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Artisan Felting Wearable Art


Artisan Felt Wearable Art by Jenny Hill is published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

This hardback guide focuses on the technique of felting in order to create wearable art pieces, suitable for fashion. There are seven step by step projects which will take you through several processes, such as Nuno Felting to create one off garments. Each project is documented with educational imagery so that the observer can understand the instructions clearly. Fashion shoot imagery is also a focus within this publication.

This artistic, inspirational guide to wearable art shows you how to nuno-felt patterns and textures into luxurious fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and silk, then design garments to feature them being worn. Using only soap, and water, bond wool and silk fibres together to create fashion clothing and accessories. Projects such as a marbled scarf, 3D textured poncho, felt vest and embroidered bolero jacket are all taught. Each project has been illustrated with beautiful close-up photography of the step by step processes as well as fashion photos of the final pieces.

About The Author

Jenny Hill is a fashion designer focusing on one off wearable art pieces. Felting is a large part of her practice and she has won awards for her work. She exhibits her pieces and has had work published in both fashion blogs and websites as well as magazines. She is an award winning artist who really does create timeless one off pieces with luxury at the fore. The pieces are bold, yet not too out there to not wear. She likes to use environmentally friendly processes, using natural materials in marriage with her stitch free methods.

She brings together nature and fashion.

Who Is This Book Aimed At?

Those with an interest in creating one off fashion garments, suitable to wear. An interest in textile related techniques is required, as hand felting is a focus within this publication.


Lets first take a look at the contents page to see what it on offer….

Artisan Felting wearable art jenny hill contents list
Contents list

The book is divided into three main sections, one to get started, another for the projects and a third dedicated to planning collections of wearable garments. There is also the usual introduction and at the end, a reference list for our consideration.

We see this book as being a little more edgy than the usual felting book, as it has the added fashion shoot section at the end, which shows what it is possible to do with our creations which we have made.

There is of course the usual introduction pages. The pages explain the authors take on this technique and how she sees it as relating to the world in general.

Jenny Hill Artisan Felting Wearable Art Introduction
The usual introduction pages

The basic step by step stages of felt making are disclosed and illustrated via both photos and drawings…..

Jenny Hill Size of felt
The book gives clear instructions and tips, even the basic steps are disclosed

We found ourselves feeling at peace with this publication, as everything is explained clearly. So we are never left feeling at a loss or confused. A few have commented that the projects are actually quite complex in themselves, however doe to this author being so skilled at her subject and able to thus be clear with her instructions, they are all still achievable.

The authors subject knowledge and experience really does come through, take this for example:

jenny hill felt shrink factor
For those with less knowledge of felt, Hill has explained the processes such as shrinkage, things we may be surprised about


From start to finish, this publication has a focused edge on imagery, maybe due to Hill’s links into the fashion industry.

Jenny Hill Felt Sheep
Natural resources are the key starting point

Okay so we all know where wool comes from, but a nice pic of a sheep doesn’t hurt! This links us back to the authors love of bringing together nature and fashion.

The publication has projects all photographed stage by stage……

Jenny Hill felting steps
The felting step by step procedures are all illustrated

The end section is unusual, not many felting books show the fashion side!

Jenny Hill Paris felt fashion shoot
A fashion shoot in Paris? Yes please!

At Mr X Stitch we loved the inside story, the behind the scenes ‘goss’. So this section on the Paris shoot was fun to read. The drawings are diagrams helped us to see what was going on in the authors head too.

Jenny Hill Felting details
The fine details and even planning work has all been illustrated

What Makes The Book Special?

If felting is a new method for you, diagrams like the one below are most helpful. If you were not aware of how much the wool gets ‘smaller’, you could be in for making the wring size garment. So make sure you read this book through before you begin – it may save you a disaster!

Jenny Hill felt shrinkage diagram
It is the finer details which make this book special, take for instance this diagram where hill explains wool felt shrinkage

Anything Wrong With The Book?

Obviously if felt isn’t something you are interested in then don’t go out of your way to read this one, however there is nothing wrong with the book itself, the photography is high fashion class and the explanations of the technique are sublime and easy to follow.


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