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Welcome back to another Goldworx and this month it’s another artist feature. I’m very excited to introduce you to this artist, I so love her work. So without further ado let’s look at the amazing talent that is Azumi Sakata.

Azumi Sakata - Moth Brooch
Moth Brooch 

Azumi is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo, she studied Fine Art at the Musashino Art University and then gained an MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art. Her work, although mainly focused on embroidery also includes installations and oil paintings.

Through her embroidery work she creates handmade accessories and artworks using a mixture of goldwork, pearl, coral, glass and antique beads. Azumi says “each piece has its own character, even if part of a series.” Her accessories derive from the same concepts that drive her fine art work – life and death, fear and love and finally express the unseen. Allowing each brooch to be its own artwork with its own concept.

Azumi Sakata - Goldwork Skull Brooch
Azumi Sakata – Skull Brooch
Azumi Sakata - Skulls and Moth Embroidery
Skulls and Moth Embroidery

About her work process, Azumi said “I generate a stock of ideas thoroughly in my head and then draw them onto paper, adding textures of fabric and threads to shape the image. I am always trying to fit together perfectly the emotions I want to convey with the materials and embroidery techniques I use.”

Azumi Sakata - Heart Brooch
Heart Brooch

Her combinations of materials result these delicate beautiful creations, full of character and I love them.  If you want to see more amazing work (and I suggest you check it out) visit Azumi Sakata’s website, buy lots from her Etsy Shop and surf her creative wave her on Instagram.

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